Workshop Program

Diabetes Educator Essentials Workshop
24 February 2020

Dr Alero Adjene

Dr Nader Lessan

Mrs Omaya Abu Yousef

Dr George Zajac

Dr. Mohamed Suliman

Ms. Reem Khoury

This Diabetes Educator Essentials workshop is organized by the Imperial Diabetes Educator Training (IDET) Course faculty at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC). The workshop provides a glance over aspects of the complex clinical management of diabetes. This is made more complex due to the necessary involvement of multi-disciplinary health care professional teams, carers and the patients themselves in a patient-centred approach.

Objective: In an interactive learning environment, the workshop aims to promote awareness and provide an update on the latest interventions and approaches in diabetes management. This workshop will cover the following areas:

  1. Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Screening and Monitoring, Complications of diabetes
  2. Update on Therapeutics and Technologies

Diabetes Educator Case-Based Learning (CBL) hands-on active-learning sessions

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